Yes, it’s true. You could rise to fame and fortune if you would only get up and go get a hybrid. A hybrid car is a car for the rich and famous so it just has to be for you. Many people are driving hybrid cars these days including some of the most envied people on the planet like your favorite movies stars. But the big question is, are you driving a hybrid? Are you driving anything close to hybrid? Well, if you are not, you can’t rub noses with some of these hybrid car-drivers.
These people were early drivers of hybrids. You may not see them in a hybrid when they pull up next to you on Rodeo Drive, but trust me, they’ve owned a hybrid before. Well, trust me just as much as you trust any other celebrity news.

Alicia Silverstone

alicia silverstone photoThis girl certainly isn’t clueless about the environment. She knows that driving hybrid cars has many benefits. And if the general public doesn’t have the braniac knowledge she has, then that’s just too bad. Alicia knows that hybrid cars are good for everyone including the people who can finally sniff clean air as hybrid cars pass by. So Alicia Silverstone got herself a hybrid. She’s a genius in the book as far as this article is concerned.

Ellen DeGeneres

Hey, this funny lady not only has a cute haircut, but she was driving a cute hybrid car before you probably even knew about it. She was laughing that time at you and your gas-guzzler. Ellen’s got a knack for picking out cars that are good for her budget.

Robin Williams

robin williams photoFunny and sweet, Robin knew when he played the role of Mrs. Doubtfire that he should start thinking more like a sensible driver that you would allow to transport your kids to and from school. So Robin got himself a hybrid, and he hasn’t looked back since.

Ted Danson

Cheers! Ted knows a great car when he sees one. He didn’t sleep at the bar that morning when he decided to go check out the new cars on the lot. He got on up and bought a car that made a whole lot of sense. And yes, it seems like he was very sober while choosing this car.

Brad Pitt

What’s cooking good looking? Certainly not Brad’s fuel engine. He had a hybrid car, so he knows his car isn’t using too much fuel.

Prince Charles

Say this sentence to yourself, “If it’s good enough for royalty, it’s good enough for me.” That’s how you should feel when you drive a hybrid. You should feel royal, adorned, and admired because believe it or not, that’s exactly what you are. So enjoy it.

So, do you feel like a million bucks yet? Well, you should if you are thinking of all the different models of hybrid cars you would like to own. And don’t worry, you won’t have just 15 minutes of fame. Hybrid cars last for years and years.